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Senior Living

Bellatrix Millworks is a leader in providing millwork, casework and furniture in the Senior Living industry.

For the Senior Living environment, we create more than Millwork – we create a calm and welcoming place of refuge in spaces where people live and work.

Person-Centered Design

Bellatrix Millworks creates calm and welcoming spaces that inspire dignity, beauty, ease, and comfort for those transitioning into elder care living.

Collaborative Approach

We realize that we are not just designing millwork for the residents, but for the staff as well - and we listen and incorporate feedback with every project we work.

Efficient & Timely Completion

With the ability to consolidate millwork, surfacing, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and appliances, Bellatrix Millworks can install entire elevations at once, minimizing downtime and the impact on residents and staff during renovation and new build projects.

Senior Living Projects Completed

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Turnkey Project Management

Bellatrix Millworks provides turnkey project management, so you don’t have to worry!

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