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Design & Build

Design & Build

This method of design and construction is characterized by a high degree of collaboration between the owners, designers, subcontractors and General Contractors. Design-Build’s process is more attuned with the changing design and construction needs. It’s rise in popularity stems from recent trends in the building and construction industry, whereby the project for design and fabrication are done by the same company.

Perfect for complicated projects

Design-Build is being used all over for many smaller projects, but it can aid more complicated projects due to the collaborative approach. In this approach, team members focus on listening to the customer’s wants/needs, communication, collaboration and solving problems instead of pointing fingers. When the millwork company is brought in as a team member, the owner generally gets exactly what s/he has envisioned.

Design-Build BENEFITS:


Turnkey Project Management

Bellatrix Millworks provides turnkey project management, so you don’t have to worry!

Bring your vision to life

Let's build great things together.